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Uptime Monitoring Software

An additional alternative to free and paid uptime monitoring services is uptime monitoring software which can be installed on any users desktop for instant access to monitoring features.
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Paid Uptime Monitoring Services

Paid uptime monitoring services offer many customizable features for those that need the highest quality monitoring of their website and servers.
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Free Uptime Monitoring Services

After selecting a web hosting provider, it’s always best to continually monitor the uptime to verify the guarantee they are claiming to offer.
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Factors That Affect Uptime

Web server uptime is generally acknowledged as the amount of time a particular web server is available, functional and up. Downtime is the opposite of this.
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Uptime Statistics Defined

Constantly monitoring a selected web host can be beneficial for ensuring uptime and verifying their advertised guaranteed uptime percentage.
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Uptime An Important Web Hosting Metric

Uptime is by far the most important feature when searching for a web hosting company. Uptime can be defined as the amount of time the hosting server’s are actually running.
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Twelve Ways to Improve Uptime

Surprisingly web services rarely go down, they simply become so overwhelmed with user requests they slow to a point that makes them unresponsive.
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Problems with Downtime

Downtime is the period when a system is unable to perform its primary function rendering it unavailable for use.
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How DNS Round Robin Failover Monitoring Improves Uptime

Multi-server hosting can significantly improve both the uptime of a website as well as the security measures resulting in a robust and consistent user experience.
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Easy to Use Uptime Widgets

Widgets have become extremely popular pieces of software. A widget is an easy to use, graphical user interface that allows the user to connect to a favorite application.
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